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Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioners

A ducted unit, as the name suggests, can be ducted to the desired rooms of the building. With the use of ‘Electronic Zone Dampers’, the system can be controlled via a wall control, directing the air to the rooms required. The air then recirculates back through a grille to the fan coil in the ceiling space with duct work connected, taking the air to the various rooms. Pipe work would then run to the outdoor unit usually located on the ground.

Benefits of a Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioner:

  • Ducted refrigerated systems are very quiet, almost undetectable when running
  • Enable cooling and heating to all rooms or a house or building
  • Provides very even temperatures throughout all areas being conditioned
  • Can provide some flexibility via ‘Zone Dampers’
  • Cool well even in humid conditions

Wickham Flowers Office Ducted Air Conditioning

Wickham Flowers training room 12.5kw ceiling set air conditioner

Wickham Flowers Office ducted air conditioning

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