PVC Fittings: A wide variety of PVC fittings ranging in size from 15mm to 150mm.

Rural Fittings: We carry a large range of rural fittings suited for rural grade pipe. The fittings range in size from ¾” to 2” and with the choice of Philmac or Guyco fittings.

Metric Fittings: Blue line or metric fittings suitable for metric pipe. These fittings come in a range from 20mm up to 90mm.

DWV Fittings: DWV fittings are suitable for waste water. We carry a variety of fittings in sizes ranging from 40mm up to 150mm.

Stormwater Fittings: A variety of fittings in both 75mm and 90mm suitable for stormwater pipe.

Brass Fittings: A wide range of brass fittings. Most stock available from ¼” to 2” however select fittings down to 3/16”.

Galv Fittings: A variety of Galv fittings ranging from ½” to 3”.

Camlock Fittings: All camlocks available in both poly and aluminium from ¾” up to 3”.

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PVC Pressure Pipe: A range of PVC pressure pipe from 15mm to 150mm. Full 6m lengths or cut lengths available.

Rural Pipe: Rural pipe ranging from ¾” to 2” available in full roles or cut lengths.

Metric Pipe: Metric pipe ranging from 20mm to 63mm available in full roles or cut lengths.

DWV Pipe: DWV pipe available in sizes ranging from 40mm to 150mm available in full 6m lengths and cut lengths.

Stormwater Pipe: Stormwater pipe in 75mm and 90mm available in full 6m lengths and cut lengths. 

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Clear Hose: Clear water grade hose available from 3mm to 32mm.

Suction Hose: Suction hose available from 1” to 2” available in 20m rolls or cut lengths.

Washdown Hose: Washdown hose in 12mm, 25mm and 32mm available in 20m rolls and cut lengths.

Garden Hose: A wide variety of garden hose from 13mm to 18mm and up to 30m. We offer a range of different quality options to suit you and your budget.

Fire Hose: Fire hose in 20mm and 25mm available in cut lengths

Many other types of hose available for order.

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