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Pressure Pumps

Pressure pumps are used for pressurising water systems for a variety of uses. They most commonly draw water out of a storage tank but can suck from a dam or river.

As pressure pumps operate automatically, the water system is kept constantly pressurised, providing a constant water supply. Systems can be controller via a pressure switch or by electronic speed control to give a more even system pressure and give energy savings.

Brands Available:

XJ Water Pressure Systems

Dynajet XJ pumps are an ideal home pressure system to use when drawing water from a level that is below the pump such as in a buried or partially buried tank.

CM Booster Self-Priming

The Grundfos CM Booster Self-Priming is a compact booster pump designed for domestic and light industrial use.

Onga JMM100 – Home Pressure Pump

The JM Pump is an all moulded pressure system complete with minipress. Ideal for automatic constant pressure household water supply, especially with high suction lift.