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Franklin Electric Solar Pump


  • Livestock watering
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Tank filling
  • Rural water supply for homesteads
  • Fountains

Solar Pump

Solar Pump

Solar Pump

Why a Franklin Electric SubDrive SolarPak

  • Combat rising electricity / fuel prices 
  • Operate in conjunction with water storage solutions to ensure sufficient supply in times of hot weather and peak demand
  • High flow system for fast tank fill and significant water output
  • Can be installed where no electricity available
  • Soft start feature prevents water hammer and increases system life
  • Eliminate windmill maintenance costs
  • Environmentally friendly 

Why Bordertown Pumps & Refrigeration?

  • Quality product from a local, trustworthy service supplier
  • Highly competitive pricing
  • Technicians available for after sales service, as required
  • 125V DC and higher require certified electrician for installation

How much water will my livestock need?

  per head per 50 per 100 per 200
Cattle   30-55 L/day  2.75m3
 5.5m3  11m3
Sheep  5-10 L/day 0.5m3  1m3  2m3
Dairy Cattle  70 L/day 3.5m3 7m3 14m3
Pigs  10 L/day 0.5m3  1m3  2m3

What size system will I need and how much will it cost?

Based on the average number of daylight hours and ground water depth for Bordertown, South Australia the following guide can be used to determine which SolarPak solution will be suit your needs:

Average m3 daily water production over a year  Optimum SolarPak Solution Price Guide
10 25 SDSP – 0.55Kw with 4 x 200w panels $6960
15 25 SDSP – 0.55Kw with 6 x 200w panels $7678
20 45 SDSP – 0.55Kw with 7 x 200w panels $8112
15 (with 80m head) 45 SDSP – 0.55Kw with 16 x 200w panels $11609

Bordertown Pumps & Refrigeration introductory offer – limited time only!

~ prices exclude GST ~ Prices are subject to change ~ Valid as of 01/03/2015

Prices listed include:
  • Submersible pump
  • Solar modules
  • labour for installation
  • pipe, electrical cable and safety cable (approximately $10/m for all three)
Prices listed exclude:
  • solar array frame

Bordertown Pumps & Refrigeration can supply the frame at an additional cost, or you can fabricate your own, which ever option best suits your needs and budget.

Pre-fabricated frame prices range from $1,000 to $1,750

For more information on prices and sizes download brochure.